I3S Contour

We would like to state that we have no commercial or scientific interests. All we want is to help the community to improve research and in this way help conservation of endangered species. We do this (in our spare time) simply because we enjoy it and want to contribute.

All work is done for free, but as owners of small enterprises, working on the tool also means no income whatsoever. Donations or grants for future development are most welcome.


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Introduction to I3S Contour

I3S Contour is the third application of the I3S family and has an completely different recognition strategy. Assisted by the semi-automatic contour tracking algorithm of I3S, you annotate the contour of (a body part of) the animal. You can make a distinction between animals with one or two contours. This feature is especially useful if these contours can move apart from each other, e.g. the flukes of a whales tail.

The matching algorithm is based on ideas from CWI in the Netherlands. Basically, it overlays two contours and the amount of “space” between two contours is an indication for match quality (less space results in lower scores and indicate better matches). The algorithm compensates for viewing angle but is more susceptible to deformations of the body parts used for identification.

I3S Contour is currently v3.0 and therefore does not offer all the functionality of the other tools. We are currently considering upgrading Contour to v4.0, but cannot promise specific dates. If you need more functionality let us know, user feedback will help us to schedule and set priorities.