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We would like to state that we have no commercial or scientific interests. All we want is to help the community to improve research and in this way help conservation of endangered species. We do this (in our spare time) simply because we enjoy it and want to contribute.

All work is done for free, but as owners of small enterprises, working on the tool also means no income whatsoever. Donations or grants for future development are most welcome.


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You can use all versions of I3S free of any charge. You are allowed to modify it, copy it, and distribute it under the GNU Public License v2. Please feel free to contact the I3S team if you need adaptations of the tool for your research. Any feedback on the tool is welcome and we are happy to help you. For instructions on how to make pictures that are well enough to be used in I3S, please read the FAQ.

Version numbers are related. All major releases (of Classic, Pattern, Spot and Contour) will have the same and latest features and improvements (if applicable). Usually new features or improvements are developed upon a specific request or if certain bugs are noticed in a particular version of I3S. These are all taken into account for all versions of I3S in the next major release.

Check for more video tutorials of all applications on our I3S Channel on YouTube on a regular basis! We strongly recomment to read the manual and have a look at the instruction videos.

We kindly ask you to send us an email if you download the software and start using it, just to keep track of the use of it and to make sure we can be of any assistance if needed. Please send your name, email address and purpose of use to: 

  • A copy of the GNU licence
  • Download the Java Runtime Environment Version 8.0 for free. You need the JRE to run I3S. You can check your current version on Java.com
  • Go to Java.com  or Oracle website and select teh (offline) version i568.exe, not the x64 !!!!
i3s classic

The I3S Classic application, including the user guide and source code (optional).

i3s Pattern

The I3S Pattern application, including the user guide and source code (optional).

i3s Contour

The I3S Contour application version 3.0, including the user guide and source code (optional).

i3s Manta

The I3S Spot application including the user guide and source code (optional).

i3s Straighten

The I3S Straighten, a pre-processing tool, including the user guide and source code (optional). Only to be used on images perpendicular to the line of sight!

I3S PatternPlus

The I3S Pattern+ application, including the user guide and source code (optional).