We would like to state that we have no commercial or scientific interests. All we want is to help the community to improve research and in this way help conservation of endangered species. We do this (in our spare time) simply because we enjoy it and want to contribute.

All work is done for free, but as owners of small enterprises, working on the tool also means no income whatsoever. Donations or grants for future development are most welcome.


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The I3S team consists of Jurgen den Hartog and Renate Reijns who are located in the Netherlands. They can be contacted by email:


and are always happy to help.

Please read the FAQ first.
Various researchers in the field are willing to help you as well. The I3S team will be happy to get you into contact with them.

If you have good quality pictures from your diving trips and you want to share them with scientists, we can help you find a researcher in your area who investigates the animal of your subject.

The I3S team does not have the time to handle pictures or act as intermediates.
Please do NOT send lots of pictures by email to the I3S team!

To prevent spammail and be able to help you better, our email address is an image.